Lynsey's 'Irish Shortbread' Story

Lynsey’s ‘Irish Short Bread’Story

Strange, but I never had much interest in cooking as a young girl. However, on leaving High School I decided to pursue a culinary career and signed onto a catering course!! Quickly realizing…....I didn’t like cooking that much!! The tutors transferred me to the pastry division and there I found my calling….and my story began…..

Having qualified, I worked for a cake company and eventually started up on my own for a short time. I then met Chef Stevie from the Maggie’s Ireland Book and after a few years we got married.

The special ‘Lynsey’s Shortbread’came about by trying to save on wedding expenses by making my own. I tried several ways with mixed ingredients to achieve that ‘SPECIAL’ melt in your mouth taste. I was shocked ‘Lynsey’s Shortbread’ was such a hit on the big day. I then started to sell small amounts in my local store. It was something I could make from home and sell while raising our two boys bringing in a few extra needed pennies.

I was delighted as demand increased and people commented on how they loved my shortbread, not only as a treat, but also as a comfort food helping some through difficult times like family tragedies and illnesses.

I baked some for Maggie’s Ireland Knitting Retreat Gala Dinner, May 2018, as a take-home gift and our guests loved it with most saying ‘BEST Shortbread they had ever tasted’!! This encouraged me to work with Maggie and introduce ‘Lynsey’s Irish Shortbread’ to the knitting world in the USA!!! Through Stitches, Vogue Knitting shows and Maggie’s other Retreats in the USA I have been delighted at the response with requests for Irish thank you………Lynsey

Lynsey’s Home-made Irish Shortbread


Hand made in Ireland with creamy true Irish butter made from grass fed cows!!

Melts in your mouth…..try it!