Book 07-Irish MK Collection Summer Chic 05

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12-14 designs with patterns! Check and click Patterns, then click Designers, and click the Maggie Jackson link. This site will show you all of the designs this book contains!


I have the errata for books that due to printing errors have unfortunately given incorrect instructions. I am very sorry for all the inconvenience these errors will have caused you.

Laganside Coat, Page 8.

The increase for the sleeves should read - increase each end every alt row until 61sts (not 60sts). Also first Bobble Row on sleeve should read at end -  k.11 sts, make B, k 1 (1, 2)sts.

Tandragee Sweater and Cowl, Page 13

First the tension is over but I would do 11 rows and 9 sts over 2"/5cms. Secondly  the materials should read 12(13, 14) balls of Linen. 1 ball less if not doing cowl.

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