Foxford Long Multi Linen Scarf

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$10.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


2 Choices.......the Long Multi Colored Scarf OR the same Pattern/Stitches in a 2 colored Scarf...The 'CHOICE IS ALL YOURS'!!

Experience most stitches in Maggiknits Designs like Tubes, Twisted I-Cords, Splits, Bobbles, Chequered Rows etc....what will never get bored as always changing stitches so it will grow quickly!!
You could also divide it into 2 scarves as opposed to one large one......again The 'Choice is all Yours'!!!

The 2 colored Scarf is priced less as uses less contrast color - Foxford Long 2 Colored Scarf Kit to order separate

It can be worn in umpteen different ways and the lining can be inside or out...up to you.

Width - approx 13"

Length - 101"

(Can be shortened or made into 2 scarves by working in 2 halves OR if in 2 halves join Cast on and Cast off edges to make one of them Cowl with lining!!!)